Big Coulee District



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District Meeting Announcement:

District Executives:
District Chairman

David Spider – 605.228.9561

District Vice-Chair

Lynn Halbert – 605-268-3035

District Treasurer

Susie Rivera – 605.924.0956

District Secretary

Billy Kohl – 605.268.0620

Big Coulee’s Coordinator and District Center:

Ann German – 605.938.4475

District Center

– 1.877.641.5144 or 605.938.4475

District Fax:

– 605.938.5475

District By-Laws and Procedures

Big Coulee Constitution & By-Laws
Big Coulee District Policies & Procedures
BC Elderly Policies & Procedures Manual

For assistance you can download the following applications and fax them into the district center:

BC Assistance Application
BC District Youth Assistance Application