Circle of Smiles
 is a three-year initiative established to achieve a public health goal set by the Tribal Council “for all 
Sisseton-Wahpeton children beginning kindergarten in the year 2013 to be free of tooth decay”
through innovative oral
health strategies. "It takes all three to be cavity-free," utilizes the following tri-pronged approach (1) good diet and dental
hygiene, (2) remineralization to strengthen the tooth enamel, and (3) a product to promote a normal, healthy balance of oral
bacteria and prevent overgrowth of cavity-causing bacteria.

Cavity-Free is funded for three years, beginning October 1, 2008, with year-end Sisseton IHS Dental funds and through a
generous donation from the Delta Dental Philanthropic Fund.  In the future, funding may also be generated in the form of a
third party reimbursement through the South Dakota Department of Health’s Oral Health Workforce grant.  Cavity-Free in
consists of a research Study within an overall umbrella Project.

Although oral health interventions will be offered to all SWO children (birth to 60 months of age), services for children 6–36
months of age are to be conducted under a Study protocol approved by the Aberdeen Area IHS Institutional Review Board.


Peggy A. Peters, Project Coordinator             peggy.peters@ihs.gov 742-3653

Teri Lynn Renville, Project Assistant                teri.renville@ihs.gov   742-3820