Id Title Description Location Closing Date  
234 Program Aide Job Title: Program Aide Location: 3 East Oak Street, Sisseton SD Supervisor: JOM Program Director Salary: Dependent on Qualifications Responsibilities: Assist the tutor as needed, tutoring students ages K-12 in the areas of general academic studies as identified, and monitoring student behavior in the classroom. Duties: 1. Assist the Tutor in preparation and maintenance of progress reports and program files. 2. Chaperone students on events and monitoring van behavior to ensure safety at all times. 3. Attend all staff meetings and programmatic meetings. 4. Provide a clean classroom on a daily basis. 5. Other duties as directed by Tutor and Program Director. Qualifications: 1. Minimum of 18 years of age. 2. Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. 3. Must have a positive attitude and participate with Dakota Language and Culture classes provided by the program. 4. Ability to work effectively with students and colleagues in a cooperative manner. 5. Must be willing to role model a healthy and positive lifestyle. JOM 11/21/2014
235 Parole Officer Job Title: SWO Parole Officer Reports to: Under the supervision of the Director of the Department of Parole Standard Employment: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. generally, and on call The Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate will be implementing a tribal pilot project to supervise state parolees on the Lake Traverse Reservation. The estimated time period for this program is approximately 20 months; however the Tribe is currently seeking other opportunities. General Description: It is the duty of the SWO SORO Parole Officer to manage a caseload of convicted felons on community supervision, develop resources and placements, and conduct investigations to promote the reform and redirection of persons under community supervision while ensuring the safety of the community. The person selected for this position must be able to represent the SWO Parole Office in a professional and courteous manner. Essential Functions: 1. Manages a caseload of convicted felons on community supervision. 2. Conducts home and community visits as needed. 3. Develops and maintains resources directed towards an offenders successful reintegration to the community. 4. Conducts investigations to promote the reform and redirection of offenders. 5. Ability to work in an environment which deals with high risk offenders; and 6. Other duties assigned by the Director of the Department of Parole. Additional Responsibilities May Include: 1. Assists in day to day operations of the SWO Parole Office. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Considerable knowledge of: 1. General office management practices and procedures of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate; 2. Computer operation and programs including various computer applications including work processing and data entry; 3. South Dakota state statutes governing parolees; 4. Individual counseling techniques; human behaviors and interpersonal relationships; 5. The attitude, problems, and behaviors of persons under community supervision; 6. Principles, methods and procedures to facilitate an acceptable reintegration and/or continued adjustment of persons under community supervision within their environment; 7. Basic terminology and concepts of corrections and community supervision including legal terminology and procedures. 8. Chemical agents, restraints and basic firearm safety and employment techniques. Skill in: 1. English grammar, spelling and punctuation; writing skills, verbal communication, and research skills; Ability to: 1. Maintain cooperative relationships with those contacted in the course of work activities; 2. Distill relevant and useful elements from vast amounts of information; 3. Maintain impartiality in dealing with persons under community supervision; and maintain composure under stressful conditions; 4. Communicate information clearly and accurately; 5. Ability to work with sensitive documents and maintain confidentiality; 6. Document logically, accurately, and concisely all pertinent information and decisions. Qualifications: 1. Degree and/or Experience Requirements: a. Associates Degree or higher in Criminal Justice or Social Work or related field with previous experience; or b. At least 2 years previous experience with offenders. 2. Possess a working knowledge of all relative tribal, state, and federal laws, rules and regulations. 3. Knowledge of the Lake Traverse Reservation and areas. 4. Experience in law enforcement and/or service in military forces is a plus. Job Requirements: 1. Pre-employment background check and drug-use screening test is required 2. Must pass a polygraph examination before final appointment; 3. Successfully complete the South Dakota Department of Corrections and Parole Services firearms safety and qualifications course. 4. Successfully complete and other training as required by this position. 5. Must sign a Confidentiality Statement upon hire and adhere to policy. 6. Must have a valid driver’s license. 7. Must be able to travel. Department of Parole 11/21/2014
236 Custodian Summary: Custodians are responsible for ensuring that the SWO Administration offices, suites, hallways, cubicles, conference rooms, bathrooms and the rotunda areas are neat and clean and sanitary per OHSA/IHS regulations. Exterior lawn care, landscaping and snow and ice removal are included. Cleaning interior and exterior windows may also be part of their job assignments. Set up, tear down and cleanup of the rotunda for special events general council, public forums etc. will be expected. Duties and Responsibilities: • Vacuum, Sweep and waxing/sealing floors. • Clean, service & supply bathrooms and the kitchen. • Gather and empty all trash daily and before leaving for the day. • Keep the rotunda area organized, neat and clean. • Restock items such as tissues, toilet paper, paper towels and kitchen supplies. • Follow procedures for the use of chemical cleaners and power equipment to prevent damage to floors and fixtures. • Special cleaning projects may be performed on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to include washing windows, waxing floors and upper level dusting and shampooing carpets. • Responsible for handling outside cleaning needs such as sweeping off walkways, shoveling snow and ice, and cleaning windows and picking up trash. • May be expected to manage special projects. (dusting upper rotunda area, cleaning upper windows around the building) • Requisition supplies with property and supply dept. or equipment needed for cleaning and maintenance duties. • Must be courteous and respectful of all employees, co-workers, guests and tribal members at all times. • Team work with co-workers is expected; help cover areas when co-workers are absent. • Other duties as assigned. • Properly maintain all cleaning equipment, notify building manager when issues arise. Qualification Requirements: • Must be able to use cleaning equipment, including riding vacuums, riding sweeping & mopping machines. • Able to operate snow blowers, lawn mowers, weed eaters etc. • Able to work at heights exceeding 25ft. • Must be able to lift 50 pounds. • Must be able to pass a physical. • Able to work with cleaning chemicals, sewer smells and back-ups. • Know MSDS safety protocols for cleaning chemicals. • Must be able to get certified in 1st Aid and CPR. • Must be trustworthy and respectful confidential work on employees desk and office suites. Education and/or Experience • 2 yrs commercial building cleaning experience • GED/HS diploma required. Skills: • Good communication skills. • Ability work alone without supervision. • Ability to work with the other custodians as a team, covering absent custodian areas. • Must be able to work well with the general public, co-workers, all building employees. • Be very polite, courteous and respectful of all employees and building guest. Work Environment: A custodian duties comes with the risk of exposure to hazardous cleaning chemicals. Custodians may also have to lift heavy containers of chemicals, supplies and equipment up to 50 lbs. They may suffer feet and leg pain as a result of prolonged standing, walking, continuous lifting and bending. Even though most duties will be indoors, some outdoor duties will be required, in extreme cold and hot temps for short periods of time to manage lawn care and snow removal/salting. Administration Building 11/21/2014