Id Title Description Location Closing Date  
264 Home Site Leasing Clerk Job Title: Realty Home Site Leasing Clerk Reports to: Realty Manager Summary: The Realty Leasing/Home site Clerk will assist to ensure that lease, permits, easements and/or rights-of-ways are issued at or above fair market value for the use of the land upon every expiration and that all terms and conditions of the contract are met in the use and management of the Oyate assets. To include business licenses if applicable. Duties and Responsibilities: • Performs job related duties in Leasing, Home site and duties as assigned by the Realty Manager or Realty Specialist to ensure the prudent utilization of the tribal land base and to assist in the land acquisition duties. • Responsible for assisting and organizing the office files and/or any other files that relates to the work of the department. Maintains files according to established internal guideline, office policy and Privacy Act. Files new material and removes old materials and files the material in the appropriate location. • Assists in posting the lease/home site documents, lessee documents and conveyances to the appropriate card files. • Receives visitors and telephone calls to the offices, determines the nature of request and directs callers to appropriate office staff, or personally provides the information desired when routine or procedural matters of the office are involved. • Determines special requirements related to routine transactions and provides recommendations for the use of land by individuals or business for routines purposes provides advice and assistance on the terms of leases/home site that will or have expired, identifies problems and issues related to the land for referral to the department manager. • Assists with the preparation and publish an advertisement for lease when needed. • To assist in identifying lands available for home site lease and lease from expiring leases or through review of idle land reports. • Will maintain both electronic and paper copies of all home site leases, leases, permits, easements and/or right-of-ways in searchable files. • Cancelation of home site leases after 2 year non-development. • Assist in updating home site and use permit policies annually. • Creating potential home site development for potential home owners. • Will maintain both electronic and paper copies of all use permits in searchable files. • Assists with entering all lease, home site, use permit information into Realty Data Base. • Assures all payments to Realty all accounted for and tracked electronically and logged properly. Qualifications: • Research skills, analyzes historical records to collect information as to location, cumbrances, historical use, land consolidation plans, conflicts in land use or adjacent land use or other data needed to resolve issues, searches records to obtain information. • Understands policies and procedures relating to trust assets of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate. • Reads and interprets maps of definite location, plats, surveys, and has a basic knowledge of Indian Trust Land Boundary Descriptions and other information. • Uses skills and knowledge of Realty Policies to tract and document levels of compliance to prevent trespass and misuse of the land. • Communicates and works with clients to assess their needs; provides accurate information or assistance and addresses problems; and is committed to providing quality service. • Stores, organizes and maintains multiple formats for storing data as to land use, lessees, and ownership in a usable condition, assures information is readily available, and can disseminate information effectively and accurately. • Demonstrates understanding, tact, and empathy for others; develops and maintains effective relationships; relates well to people in a variety of situations; appreciates cultural diversity, race, gender, disabilities and other individual differences; works at knowing employees to build a trust between employees and management. • Must be knowledgeable and compliant of the THPO Code and sensitive issues on Trust Lands. • Manages and resolves conflicts, grievances, confrontations, or disagreements in a constructive manner to facilitate a positive outcome. • The Realty Manager defines the objectives, priorities and deadlines of assignment, and provides assistance to the Leasing Specialist with situations that do not have clear resolving conflicting needs or handling uncooperative contacts. The incumbent carries out the successive steps and handles problems and deviations in work assignments in accordance with instructions. • Home site Leasing Clerk will handle any other duties as specified by Realty Manager. Education Requirements: • 2 year degree in Business Administration, Accounting or Bookkeeping with 2 years’ experience in any of fields listed. Realty 2/6/2015