Id Title Description Location Closing Date  
160 Education Specialist (Open Until Filled) Job Title: SWO Education Specialist Reports to: Tribal Secretary General Supervision: Tribal Education Director Site Based Supervision: Tiospa Zina Tribal School Superintendent & Enemy Swim Day School Principal Summary: The Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate through the Tribal Education Department (TED) will implement the education technical assistance program for Tiospa Zina Tribal School (TZTS), Enemy Swim Day School (ESDS), and the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate (SWO). The Education Specialist directly provides technical assistance to Tiospa Zina Tribal School and Enemy Swim Day School to identify needs and develop educational priorities, procedures and services for overall school improvement. The Education Specialist will serve as the technical expert in effective math and reading instruction. The Education Specialist will stay abreast of current best practices, scientifically researched based instruction materials and instructional practices, direct instructional methodologies, assessments and assessment practices, Native Star, Common Core Standards, Accreditation, and BIE (South Dakota) Accountability Workbook and other appropriate. The Education Specialist will report to the Tribal Secretary, is under the general supervision of the Tribal Education Director and Site based Supervision is TZTS Superintendent & ESDS Principal. Duties and Responsibilities: Services that the technical assistance program will provide but are not limited to: Provide direct services to staff and students to support effective implementation of scientifically-based reading and math improvement strategies. Provide professional development and other trainings for school staff for focused assistance in Reading, Math and other pertinent professional development through pre-service, in-service and on-going contact with instructional staff. Gather and disseminate information regarding best practices in reading and math, to include the development, implementation, coordination and evaluation of Math and Reading through the utilization of the Common Core Standards. Research effective practices that effectively work with the children of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate to enhance retention, application and overall academic knowledge. Provide parent training to support improvement strategies. Partner and guide the development of a school improvement, to include the identification of specific areas of needs for students and staff. Develop strategies for technical assistance to improve academic achievement. Act as a liaison between SWO/TZTS/ESDS and BIE/BIA and other federal agencies and develop collaborative relationships Assist schools, parents and other stakeholders concerning SPED due process procedures. Provide Technical Assistance to schools for referrals, evaluation, identification, placement, and implementation of IEP in the least restrictive environment for children with disabilities and FAPE. Assist schools in the interpretation of legislation and implementation of NCLB, 107-110, NCLB, IDIEA, 108-446, Title I, II, IV, VI, VII, X and other laws related to education. Assist schools to collect, analyze data and to prepare reports in appropriate format and content to the Department of Education, Congress, SWO and BIE. Assist schools to develop a self-monitoring process and a reporting system for the school administration, school board and SWO if not already in place. Monitor and guide educational programs to ensure compliance with Grant School and SWO regulations. Provide assistance with the Native Star Program, if schools choose to use. Provide Federal programs (Title programs & Sped) oversight to insure that schools are in compliance and to assist with required reports. QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: • Education degree or Specialist in Reading/Math is preferred. MS/MA degree in Education is required. • Verifiable knowledge and experience is required in School Improvement processes. • Must possess five (5) years of classroom experience. • Must possess experience or knowledge working with school improvement processes. • Must possess excellent communication skills. • Must pass local, state and federal background checks. • Must be knowledgeable in Pre-K to 12th grade state and local assessments, of all education resources on and off the reservation, federal programs, Dakota language, culture and history, program applicable to the needs of the students. • Must possess experience in curriculum development and content standards. • Must possess valid driver’s license and must be able to travel. • Must actively works toward fluency in Dakota. • Must possess deep knowledge of reading, writing, language development, math computation and problem solving to include research based programs. • Must possess strong organizational skills. • Must possess knowledge and experience with and use of computers. • Indian preference applies. Education Department 4/30/2014
161 Site Supervisor Job Title: Administrative Assistant Content Area: Administration Supervision: Under the immediate supervision of the Director Standard Employment: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday Supervision Exercised: The Administrative Assistant is responsible organizing the Head Start administration files, organizing and preparing supply requests, assisting the Director in preparing Federal Grants. General Description: In addition, the Assistant will work closely with the Director ensuring that the Head Start program is in compliance with the Performance Standards and other state, federal and tribal regulations. Major Duties and Responsibilities: A. Program Administration 1. Perform secretarial services such as typing, filing and maintaining filing system of records for program efficiency and answering telephone. 2. Keep cuff account of program expenditures; order supplies and other needed items for the program and prepare and submit supply requests to tribal finance. 3. Prepare out-of-town travel/training requests; make hotel reservations and other needed services, i.e. registration, mileage to airport, etc. 4. Assists director in budget preparation, compiling funding agency reports and with the submission of proposals. 5. Assist in preparation of reports B. Planning and Setting Objectives 1. Work with director to implement a work plan and reporting system for the delivery and documentation of all 0 to 5 Head Start services. 2. Work with director to ensure total program is in compliance with the Head Start Performance Standards. Qualifications: 1. Prefer Associate of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education but will consider experience or an equivalent demonstration of skills with 5 year work experience in a preschool setting. 2. Proficient typing skills and computer experience is required. 3. Must possess knowledge of the principles, practices and objectives of Head Start or comparable preschool child development program, as well as knowledge of the tribal accounts payable systems (supply requests, etc.) 4. Ability to assist in the preparation of grants and have excellent oral and written skills. Job Requirements: 1. Must attend pre-service each year. 2. Must sign a permission form upon submission of application to permit background check at the state and federal level. Employment is considered temporary until background check is completed. 3. Must be alcohol and drug free and submit to drug test as required. 4. Must complete a physical and TB test within 30-days of hire. 5. Must complete CPR and First Aid training within 90-day of hire. 6. Must travel to attend meetings (some evenings) both locally and out-of-area. 7. Must sign confidentiality statement upon hire and adhere to policy. 8. Must provide 3 letters of reference with application. 9. Three letters of reference must be submitted with application for employment. 10. Must sign Confidentiality Statement upon hire and adhere to policy. 12. Must be alcohol and drug free and submit to a drug test. 11. Other duties as assigned. Head Start 4/25/2014
162 Teacher Job Title: Teacher – Infant/Toddler Content Area: Education and Early Childhood Development Supervision: Under the immediate supervision of the Infant/Toddler Facilitator/Education Manager, with overall supervision of the Head Start Director. Supervision Exercised: Provides in classroom supervision to volunteers and parents assisting in the classroom. Standard Employment: 9 hour shifts – 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Thursday 4 hour shift – 8:00 a.m. to 12 Noon - Friday 1893 hours per program year General Description: The teacher is responsible for providing a safe and healthy environment and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities in accordance with the Head Start Performance Standards, 45 CFR 1304.20, 1304.21, 1304.22, 1304.23 and 1304.24 for young children entrusted to them. The teacher must consult and cooperate with the parent/family who has temporarily delegated the responsibility for the care and development of their child to the Infant & Toddler Head Start program. The Dakota language and culture is an integral part of the curriculum, therefore it is the responsibility of the teacher to plan age appropriate cultural activities that will assist the child in developing a positive self-image and gaining knowledge of our heritage. Teacher is assigned and responsible for 4 infants/toddlers in their care and will remain with these children until they exit the program. Major Duties and Responsibilities: Safety and Sanitation: 1. Comply with the safety and sanitation policies and other program policies and guidelines for serving infants and toddlers. 2. Post required policies in classroom, i.e. daily routine schedule, curriculum activity schedule, incident reporting, emergency numbers, hand washing, etc. 3. Assure that daily safety and sanitation procedures and precautions are taken to limit the spread of infectious disease by washing off tables, toys, sleeping mats, hand washing, etc. 4. Assure that children are dressed appropriately for the weather and type of play in which they are engaged. During the winter months the teacher must assist with making sure the children are buttoned up with caps. 5. Model and encourage appropriate health and safety habits to support social competence in the child (brushing teeth after meals, hand washing, cleaning up after self). 6. Ensure children are supervised at all times. No child will ever be left alone or unattended. Physical Arrangement: 1. Set up and maintain a welcome and appropriate environment. 2. Create developmentally appropriate and well-defined activity areas in the classroom that allows each child to explore the environment. The physical environment must be child-sized. 3. Ensure that sufficient, appropriate and a variety of materials are displayed and accessible to all children in the classroom. 4. Periodically change or rotate objects to stimulate and challenge infant/toddler in their environment. 5. Feed infants and toddlers when they are hungry. 6. Complete safety checklist of indoor/outdoor areas to ensure the environment is safe, secure and provides a variety of opportunities for children to explore. Schedules, Plans and Transitions: 1. Responsible to comply (to the greatest extent possible) with the daily routine schedule for children enrolled in the program. 2. Provide written weekly lesson plan that includes meaningful culturally relevant activities, 1 health; 1 nutritional and 1 mental health activity. Lesson plans must be turned in to the Education Manager one week before implementation. 3. Ensure daily activities include physical contact, sounds, feeling of textures and tasting and/or smelling foods. 4. Plan and implement appropriate transition activities to assist the children with changes in environment. 5. Assure time schedules are flexible and respect the special needs of the individual child. 6. Provide predictable consistent routines as a part of child’s learning experience to help child gain sense of security. 7. Responsible to accurately record daily attendance 8. Work closely with Education Manager to plan meaningful field trips. Communication: 1. Provide environment that supports and encourages verbal interaction between and among children and adults and one that allows freedom of expression. 2. Talk to children using descriptive language and behaviors especially during meals and other care giving routines, or when the child is upset or in a conflict with another child. 3. Support communication through reading stories, singing songs, reciting rhymes and encourage child to hold and look through books. 4. Encourage expression of feelings and interact with child at his/her level. Guidance: 1. Encourage age and developmentally appropriate problem solving techniques and skills by allowing infants and toddlers to play with and explore objects. 2. Provide children with opportunities to develop self-help skills. Family style feeding is a must and is required. 3. Promote interaction with other children, encouraging use of words. 4. Provide consistent routine with reasonable and appropriate limits and rules for children’s behavior and explain why to children. 5. Inform, remind and assist children in learning appropriate behavior. Self-esteem: 1. Provide opportunities for children to solve problems on their own. 2. Use daily routines to help children master self-help skills and to feel competent. 3. Provide children with meaningful age appropriate culturally relevant activities. 4. Support and encourage children’s natural curiosity about people and objects in their environment. 5. Spend individual time each day with every child in your primary care group. Individualization: 1. Conduct 2 home visits per child and 2 parent teacher conferences per child at which parents will be informed and involved in planning, implementing and evaluating services provided and other activities. 2. Promote parent/family education to reinforce learning and development at home. 3. Maintain and document communication with families about child’s experiences at the center. 4. Responsible to complete required developmental and behavioral screens of child and on going observations and assessments with documentation to support child development gains. 5. Record ongoing observations and assessments in the child’s file identifying areas in which the child may need additional assistance. 6. Complete individual child plans that include summaries of the child’s progress. Once complete, place the child plan in child’s file. 7. Promptly refer any child suspected of having special needs to Special Needs Manager for further referral and/or evaluation. 8. Provide services, which respect child’s individual difference and special needs. Resource Development/Professionalism: 1. Participate in learning experiences for personal growth and professional development and implement appropriate practices in the classroom. 2. Participate actively in all aspects of planning regarding education and early childhood development for the program. 3. Maintain accurate records and submit all required forms and reports, as well as update them within specified time frames. 4. Knowledge of laws regarding the abuse and neglect of children and report suspected mistreatment in accordance with the state law and Head Start policy. 5. Attend and actively participate in weekly teacher meetings to discuss concerns, other issues and make recommendations on correcting concerns or making improvements to the program. Team Effectiveness: 1. Conduct self in a respectful, cooperative manner when interacting with children, co- workers and others and constructively represent Head Start. 2. Participate in all meetings as directed and keep informed of program activities. 3. Is knowledgeable and complies with Head Start policies and applicable laws and regulations. 4. Provide information in a timely manner as directed by one’s supervisor or the director. 5. Contact Education Manager when sick. In the absence of Education Manager contact the Head Start Director. 6. Identify work that needs to be done and ensure that work is done in a timely manner. 7. Communicate with parent when child is dropped off and picked up. Parents must be made to feel welcome at the center. Serve as host to extended family members and other visitors participating in program activities and other program sponsored events. 8. Responsible for maintenance of inventory of the classroom. A list of damaged items to be discarded and missing items must be documented and given to the Director. 9. Perform other tasks as directed by supervisor or director in order to ensure the quality of the program services. 10. Provide support to new or substitute teachers and volunteers. 11. Other duties as assigned. Qualifications: 1. Must possess a minimum of High School Diploma or GED, must attain a CDA certification within one year of hire. Must work toward Associates of Art degree in Early Childhood Education. 2. Prefer minimum of 6 months to 2 years work experience at an Early Childhood Center based program. 3. Good communication, observation and written skills are required - exhibit ability to communicate effectively with the staff, parents and people in the community. 4. Flexible – exhibit ability to adapt and be flexible in a variety of situations. Must be in good health and physically capable of participating in activities that requires lifting, running, skipping, jumping, crawling, etc. 5. Must exhibit sensitivity and appreciation for the healthy development of young children. Job Requirements: 1. Attend staff meetings, in-service training and other career development activities both locally and out-of-area. 2. Must attend mandatory 2-week pre-service training. 3. Must sign a background check permission form upon submission of application to permit a background check at the state and federal level that indicates no convictions of child abuse/child neglect or any violent crimes. Employment is considered temporary until the background check is complete. 4. Must complete CPR and First Aid training within 90-days of hire. 5. Must promote alcohol and drug free lifestyle 6. Must have pre-employment drug test, physical and TB test. 7. Must submit to drug test. 8. Submit 3 letters of reference with application for employment. 9. Must sign a Confidentiality Statement upon hire and adhere to policy. 10. Indian preference applies. Early Head Start 4/25/2014
163 Compliance Officer Job Title: Realty Compliance Officer Reports to: Realty Manager Wage: $18.00 per hour Summary: The Realty Compliance Officer will make field inspections of trust lands that are under the jurisdiction of Sisseton-Wahpeton Reality department. CFR 25 will be followed to ensure the land preservation is being upheld and that lessee’s are in compliance with the lease agreements. Duties and Responsibilities: • Responsible for field inspections of all lessees’s and documenting these inspections through report writing, photos, etc. • Any and all violations will be documented and placed in the lessee file and a copy to the Realty Manager. • Will notify the lessee of any violations of the lease contract and recommend to the Realty Manager as to what corrective measures need to be taken and what fines need to be assessed. • Will assist with the determination of lease rates. • Assists with the preparation of what projects are needed for Land Management Improvement. • To assist in identifying lands available for programs such as CRP, Honey Bee, Native Grass, etc. • Will maintain both electronic and paper copies of all inspections of home site leases, leases, use permits, and right-of-ways. Qualifications: • Practical Knowledge of range management, principle, practices and terminology. • Understands policies and procedures relating to trust assets of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate. • Reads and interprets maps of definite location, plats, surveys, and has a basic knowledge of Indian Trust Land Boundary Descriptions and other information. • Uses skills and knowledge of Realty Policies to track and document levels of compliance to prevent misuse of the land. • Communicates and works with clients to assess their needs; provides accurate information or assistance and addresses problems; and is committed to providing quality service. • Stores, organizes and maintains multiple formats for storing data as to land use, lessees, and ownership in a usable condition, assures information is readily available, and can disseminate information effectively and accurately. • Demonstrates understanding, tact, and empathy for others; develops and maintains effective relationships; relates well to people in a variety of situations; appreciates cultural diversity, race, gender, disabilities and other individual differences; works at knowing employees to build a trust between employees and management. • Must be knowledgeable and compliant of the THPO and OEP Codes and sensitive issues on Trust Lands. • Manages and resolves conflicts, grievances, confrontations, or disagreements in a constructive manner to facilitate a positive outcome. • Realty Compliance Officer will handle any other duties as specified by Realty Manager. • Must possess a valid driver’s license. Education Requirements: • 2 year degree in Natural Resources or Agricultural or equal experience in related field such as law enforcement or military. Realty 4/25/2014
164 Assistant Land Acquisition Clerk Job Title: Assistant Land Acquisition Clerks (3) Reports to: Land Acquisition Clerk. Salary: $14.00 per hour Summary: This position is support staff to assist in the Cobell Buy – Back Program who can provide knowledgeable and courteous information and service regarding the needs associated with the conveyance activities within the Buy – Back Program. These positions are located in the Realty Department of SWO. Duties and Responsibilities: • Will serve as an assistant to the Land Acquisition Clerk assuming a variety of technical and administrative duties. • Communicate with land sale applicants, operators, land owners and interested parties regarding the process options, documentation and other needs that may be associated with land sale activities. • Accept requests for land sale associated activities. • Work with BIA personnel to verify land ownership and monitor land sale activity. Qualification Requirements: • Must have computer skills, i.e. Microsoft Word and Excel. • Must possess the willingness to learn about all aspects of Realty issues including reading, writing and finding legal descriptions. • Must be good with Customer Services and work well with clients to assess their needs, provides accurate information or assistance and address’s problems. Knowledgeable and provides available services with options, is committed to providing quality service, seeks to meet or exceed expectations. • Automated Data Systems – Accesses, understands, and updates Realty related systems, uses applicable IT resources. (Software), uses capabilities of software to perform job effectively builds and performs queries skillfully and efficiently. • Stores, organizes and maintains multiple formats (including automated systems of record) of data in a usable condition, assures information is readily available, disseminates information effectively and securely. Education and/or Experience: • High School Diploma or GED Realty 4/25/2014
165 Intergovernmental Case Specialist II Summary: The Sisseton-Wahpeton Office of Child Support Enforcement is a federally-funded program that works in cooperation with other states and tribes to provide child support enforcement services to parents of children who are within the jurisdiction of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Tribal Court. Duties and Responsibilities: • Responds to referrals/transmittals from other Tribal and State jurisdictions for recognition of foreign child support orders. • Performs case management tasks associated with establishment and /or modification of child support orders, calculation of amount of support, establishment of paternity, submission of wage-withholding orders, and other enforcement actions as needed. • Accomplishes client intake procedures, including assistance with client applications for services, interviewing of clients, and documentation. • Conducts investigative tasks, including verifying client information, location of absent parents, and verification of employment. • Represents clients in Tribal Court proceedings, including preparation and filing of petitions, complaints, notices, affidavits, and orders. • Negotiates voluntary child support agreements between custodial and non-custodial parents whenever possible. • Networks with other community and tribal resources. Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities: • Knowledge of Federal, State, and Tribal policies & legal procedure. • Knowledge of the requirements of Non-disclosure and Confidentiality. • Ability to interact with the public using effective customer-relations skills. • Ability to organize significant caseload and to multitask work assignments. • Computer skills a must. • Resourceful and able to work with minimum supervision Qualifications & Requirements: • Minimum of an AA degree in a human services, counseling, and/or paralegal field • Bachelors Degree preferred and/or a combination of education and experience in a related field. • Must have valid drivers license, liability insurance, and be able to pass a background investigation. Office of Child Support Enforcement 4/25/2014
166 Prep Cook (Part Time) General Responsibilities: • To assistant the Kitchen Supervisor in preparing and serving food in the Admin Café. Assist in keeping the Café clean and hazard free. • Duties of this position include but are not limited to: • Prepares food in accordance to menus and recipes approved by the Kitchen Supervisor. • Dishwashing duties and sanitizing café routinely. • Assists in organizing and putting away grocery orders. • Assists in weekly menu planning. • Operate cash register. • Other duties assigned by Kitchen Supervisor and Program Manager. Required Qualifications: • High School Diploma or GED required. • Customer Service skills. • Able to handle cash transactions. • Interest and experience in cooking and serving to general public. Administration Building 4/25/2014
167 Arcade Attendant (Part Time) Summary: Manages the daily operations of the SWO Youth Learning Center with the primary concern for service delivery, supervision of children, facilities management, budge management, membership data/ administration, and reports as needed. Duties and Responsibilities: • Manages the daily operations of the arcade • Assist in cleanliness of arcade • Oversees in opening and closing of location • Provides sales function including cash handling and daily reports • Promotes customer service by ensuring proper greeting and assisting of children • Manages the general operations of the teen center ensuring that the store it in working order and adequately supplied to ensure safe and efficient operations. • Maintains a visually appealing teen center, ensuring proper housekeeping, visual merchandising, and organization are kept at the highest standard. Qualification Requirements: • Ability to communicate with customers • Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment • Maintain a healthy lifestyle • Ability to work independently: self-motivated • Able to lift over 30 lbs • Able to sit and/or stand for long periods of time • Must be able to successfully pass background check as required by PL 101-630 Education and/or Experience: • Must be attending high school/ages 16 yrs and older • Must be in good standing with grades B average (must show report card) • Must be enrolled member of tribe • Excellent communication, verbal, and written skills • Knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of computer operations, as well as electronics (TV, gaming consoles) Planning 4/25/2014
168 Injury Prevention Coordinator Purpose: The Injury Prevention Coordinator is a skilled public health practitioner who develops community partnerships, designs activities, provides education, and performs tasks aimed at prevention and control of severe unintentional and intentional injuries. The Injury Prevention Coordinator shall report to the Injury Prevention Program Manager, who will review work for professional competence, conformance to project scope of work, and compliance with relevant standards, policies, and procedures. The Injury Prevention Coordinator shall be primarily responsible for carrying out all objectives, activities and tasks stated in the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate’s Injury Prevention Part b. cooperative agreement grant during the five-year period from October 1, 2010 – September 30, 2015. The goal of the grant project is to prevent motor vehicle crash related fatalities and injuries by implementing a public health strategy that employs the “4-E’s”: Education, Enforcement, Engineering, and Environment to address causal factors of failure to use occupant restraints (specifically child safety seats), speed, and distracted driving. In addition, the Injury Prevention Coordinator will research over the counter drug use and the possible implementation of an elder fall prevention program. Job Location and Equipment Utilized: The home base for the Injury Prevention Coordinator will be the Woodrow Wilson Keeble Memorial Health Care Center. However, work is primarily field or outreach type in a variety of in-door and out-of-door community settings. The Injury Prevention Coordinator will utilize his/her privately owned vehicle. The IP Coordinator will also use telephones, binoculars, audio-visual equipment and other standard office equipment, including a personal computer. Responsibilities: • Assess the community for pertinent injury prevention intervention purposes • Plan effective injury prevention programs based on proven intervention strategies • Implement injury prevention programs • Evaluate the effectiveness of injury prevention programs • Act as a resource person for injury prevention and health education • Communicate injury prevention and health education needs, concerns and resources • Perform reporting, record keeping, procurement, and other administrative duties Examples of Work Performed: • Surveys and tabulates seatbelt usage and performs activities to promote and enforce car seat usage. • Develops and sustains working partnerships with tribal schools and area school districts, law enforcement agencies, Tribal Court, health and social service providers, and community groups to address injury prevention issues. • Works as part of a team of public health professionals to promote injury prevention and intervention activities. • Maintains and updates educational materials related to injury prevention. • Provides injury prevention education to children, parents, providers, and community groups. • Assesses occurrence of injuries in community and works cooperatively with members of the community injury prevention team in developing effective injury prevention and control interventions based on proven methods. • Reports verbally and in writing to the Program Manager, Community Injury Prevention Team, and the Indian Health Service, in accordance with required funding agency reporting requirements. Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: • Must complete Child Passenger Safety training and become a certified CPS Technician • Knowledge of the field of assignment described in the above job description. • Physical ability sufficient to perform thoroughly and accurately the full scope of responsibility. Injury Prevention Program 4/25/2014
169 Emergency Manager Summary: As the Emergency Manager for the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Tribe the Emergency Manager shall dealing with dangerous situation from natural disasters to manmade disasters. At time, the situation or situations may become highly stressful. The Emergency Manager must perform a range of duties to deal with emergencies which require experience, knowledge, skills, independent judgment and on the spot decisions for the safety of all. Duties and Responsibilities: • Develop and maintain the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Emergency Operations Plan. This plan outlines the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate response to any given emergency situation. • The Emergency Manager is responsible for the operation of weather monitoring and the installation and maintenance of tornado warning system on the Lake Traverse Reservation. • The Emergency Manager is required to develop and maintain a Hazardous Materials Plan for the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate. • The Emergency Manager is responsible for obtaining and delivering information, equipment, training and grant funds to the Tribal Leadership from FEMA and the Homeland Security Office. The Emergency Manager will follow the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Policy and Procedures when dealing with finance, procurement, reports etc. • The Emergency Manager is also responsible for submitting request for emergency disaster assistance and to ensure that all proper paperwork is completed in a timely manner. • Emergency Managers purpose is to protect citizens and their property from the effects of natural, manmade, and technological disasters. To fulfill this mission we recognize the four phases of emergency management: o Preparedness- Planning, training and exercising on how to respond to an emergency. o Response- Coordinating activities and resources as the emergency is evolving. o Recovery- Assisting the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate and other jurisdictions to return a normal lifestyle. o Mitigation- Ways to reduce or eliminate loss if the same event occurs again. Supervisory Controls: The Emergency Management is under the direction of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Tribal Chairman. The Tribal Chairman may direct the Emergency Management Office to be put under another Tribal Program with other duties assigned. Knowledge, Abilities and Skills: • The Emergency Manager must show good leadership skill when coordinating with the Local, Tribal, State, and Federal Departments. Examples are Tribal Chairman, Planning Department, Law Enforcement Departments, District Coordinators, EPA, Volunteers, and other county Emergency Management Departments. The Emergency Manager will also work with departments on a federal level such as USDA, CDC (Center of Disease Control), USGS (United States Geological Survey), the Department of Transportation, FEMA and Homeland Security. • The Emergency Manager must be able to pass the NIMS training with ICS (Incident Command System) Course 100, 200, 300, 400, and 700. And any courses related to Emergency Management that are deemed beneficial to the Tribe. Qualifications: • An Associate degree from a two-year college or equivalent of four years experience in Emergency Management or related field. • Must have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record. To be insured by the Tribe. Must be trained in the ICS (Incident Command System) within one year of employment. Must be a moral character and subject to a background check. • Must not have a felony. Salary: Depending on Qualifications Law Enforcement 5/2/2014