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225 Teacher Aide Job Title: Teacher Aide Content Area: Education and Early Childhood Development Supervision: Under the immediate supervision of the Education Manager, in absence of Education Manager is under the supervision of Head Teacher/Assistant Education Manager, with overall supervision of the Head Start Director. In classroom reports to and is supervised by the classroom teacher. Standard Employment: 8 hour shifts – 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday 1480 hours per program year. Late August - early May General Description: The Head Start teacher aide is responsible for assisting the teacher in providing a safe and healthy environment and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for the young children entrusted to them. The teacher aide must consult and cooperate with the parent/family who has temporarily delegated the responsibility for the care and development of their child to the classroom staff. The teacher aide, in the absence of the teacher, must provide leadership and direction to other staff within the classroom and cooperate with other staff in providing services for the children and their parents/family. The Teacher Aide Rover will assist in the classrooms during lunch and morning and afternoon breaks of the teachers and teacher aides. Major Duties and Responsibilities: Safety and Sanitation: 1. Assist the teacher in complying with safety, sanitation and other guidelines for serving enrolled children. 2. Assure safety, sanitation procedures and precautions are taken to limit the spread of infectious disease and assist teacher with Monday morning head checks. 3. Assure that children are dressed appropriately for the weather and type of play in which they are engaged. During the winter months the teacher aid must assist with making sure the children are buttoned up with caps. 4. Model and encourage appropriate health and safety habits to encourage social competence. 5. Assure that children are supervised at all times. No child will ever be left alone. 6. Must ride the bus in the morning and afternoon as a bus monitor Physical Arrangement: 1. Assist the teacher in the set up and maintenance of a welcome and appropriate environment. 2. Assist the teacher in the creation of developmentally appropriate and well-defined activity areas in the classroom. 3. Assure sufficient and appropriate materials are displayed in an orderly and accessible fashion. 4. Ensure indoor/outdoor areas are safe and secure and provide a variety of opportunities for children to explore. Schedule, Plan and Transition: 1. Assist the teacher in planning and complying with appropriate child activity plan. 2. Assist in the planning and implementation of weekly activities. 3. Assist the teacher in implementing transition activities to assist the children with changes in the environment. 4. Comply with time schedules and respect the needs of the individual child. 5. Assist in providing predictable, consistent routines, as they are a vital part of the child’s learning experience to help him gain a sense of security. Communication: 1. Assist in providing an environment that encourages interaction between and among children and adults. 2. Talk to children, especially during meals and other care giving routines or when the child is upset or in a conflict with another child. 3. Encourage expression of feelings. Guidance: 1. Encourage age and developmentally appropriate problem solving techniques and skills. Help children learn how to think not what to think. 2. Provide children with opportunities to develop self-help skills. Family style feeding is required. 3. Promote interaction with other children, encouraging use of words. 4. Set reasonable and appropriate limits and rules for children’s behavior and explain why to the children. 5. Inform, remind and assist children in learning appropriate behavior. Self-esteem: 1. Provide opportunity for children to solve problems on their own. 2. Use daily routines to help children master self-help skills and to feel competent. 3. Assist teacher in providing meaningful culturally relevant activities. 4. Support and encourage children’s natural curiosity about people and objects in their environment. 5. Spend individual time each day with every child in your primary care group. Individualization: 1. Assist teacher in conducting 2 home visits per child and 2 parent teacher conferences at which time parents will be informed and involved in planning, implementing and evaluating services and activities. 2. Assist teacher in promoting parent/family education to reinforce learning and development at home. 3. Assist teacher in observations of children in the classroom. 4. Provide services that respect child’s individual differences and special needs. Resource Development: 1. Participate in learning experiences for personal growth and professional development. 2. Actively participate and assist the teacher in all aspects of planning. 3. Exhibit knowledge of laws regarding the abuse and neglect of children and report suspected mistreatment in accordance with state law and Head Start policies. Team Effectiveness: 1. Conduct self in a respectful, cooperative manner when interacting with parents, co-workers, and others and constructively represent SWO Head Start program. 2. Participate in all SWO Head Start meetings as directed, including parent meetings and keep informed as needed to work effectively with others. 3. Knowledgeable about and comply with Head Start policies and other applicable laws and regulations. 4. Provide information in a timely manner as directed by supervisor. 5. Protect and comply with the confidentiality of information regarding the children, parents and other staff members as defined in the SWO Head Start policy and the Head Start Performance Standards. Any violation of this policy is grounds for termination. 6. Contact Education Manager or Head Teacher/Assistant Education Manager when sick. In the absence of Education Manager or Head Teacher/Assistant Education Manager, contact Head Start Director. 7. Requests for approval of annual leave (3 days in advance) from Education Manager, in absence of Education Manager Leave must be requested from Director. 8. Assist teacher in the maintenance of inventory for classroom and inform teacher of damaged or missing items. 9. Perform other tasks as directed by supervisor or Director in order to ensure quality services are provided to the children enrolled in the program. Qualification: 1. Must have a high school diploma or GED certificate and work toward CDA Preschool endorsement 2. Must enjoy working with pre school aged children and their families. 3. Ability to communicate effectively with staff, parents, and community members. 4. Must be in good health and physically capable of lifting, running, skipping, jumping, crawling and playing with 3 to 5 year-old children. 5. Ability to adapt and be flexible in a variety of situations and have sensitivity and appreciation for the healthy development of young children. Job Requirements: 1. Must attend mandatory 2-week pre-service training. 2. Attend staff meetings, in-service training and other career development activities both locally and out-of-area. 3. Must sign a background check permission form to permit a background check at the state and federal level that indicates no convictions of child abuse/child neglect or any violent crimes. Employment is considered temporary until the background check is complete. 4. Must complete CPR and First Aid training within 90-days of hire. 5. Must promote alcohol and drug free lifestyle. 6. Must have pre-employment drug test, physical and TB test. 7. Must submit to drug test. 8. Submit 3 letters of reference with application for employment. 9. Must sign Confidential Statement upon hire and adhere to policy. 10. Indian preference applies. Head Start 10/24/2014
227 Generalist Job Title: Community Health Representative Generalist Reports to: CHR Program Manager General Responsibilities: The CHR will encourage better health by assisting American Indian families on the Lake Traverse Reservation to develop and practice sound personal health habits and to access available community human service resources. Specific Responsibilities: The CHR Generalist shall be supervised by the CHR Program Manager and shall be subject to the internal control policies and procedures of that component. CHR’s will be required to keep complete monthly progress reports, i.e., (GSA/Tribal Vehicle Travel Logs, Medicaid reimbursement forms and completed/signed CHR PCC forms). Specific Duties: 1. Referral Liaisons: 2. The CHR will accept referrals from other agencies, health professionals and other CHR/MCH staff, through the CHR Program Manager, and provide appropriate collateral services including transportation services to dialysis patients according to their schedules and the CHR service area. 3. The CHR will act as an advocate for elderly patients at the IHS, CDP, and other clinics and local hospitals, as well as other resource agencies. 4. The CHR will make home visits to the Indian population in the Lake Traverse Reservation to assess their blood pressures and provide individual information. 5. The CHR will report to the CHR Program Manager any suspected cases of nutritional anemia, lack of self-concern, or inappropriate/inadequate self-care. 6. Assist the elderly n the use of their glucometers, grocery shopping and delivery of their medications. Position Requirements: 1. Must be 21 years of age. 2. Must consent to and pass a criminal background check and character investigation pursuant to P.L. 101-630, the Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act (no convictions for a sex offences or crime against a child or another person). H.R. Form #401. 3. Must be physically able to perform duties as described, with ability of lifting 50# and have annual physical form, H.R. Form #304 signed by a physician. 4. Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. certificate. 5. Must possess a valid State and Tribal driver’s license, own an automobile and provide evidence of full automobile coverage insurance. 6. Must respect confidential information, by signing an agreement to maintain confidentiality and acknowledge the possibility of termination, should a breach occur. Must adhere to HIPPA and Privacy Act Laws. Must sign a confidentiality H.R. form #306. 7. Must possess a home telephone within 30 days of employment. 8. Must be able to work with and have sensitivity for Native American People. 9. Must be willing, able to attend and successfully complete the CHR Basic Training and Refresher Courses offered, as required. 10. Must be alcohol and drug free and be willing to submit to random alcohol and drug test. Must sign a contract for sobriety. Applicant’s personal conduct and public image will be considered. 11. Tribal and Native American preference in hiring shall be observed. 12. Must be willing to assume other duties assigned by the MCH Program Manager. Salary: D.O.E. CHR 10/24/2014
228 Realty Specialist Leasing Job Title: REALTY SPECIALIST, Leasing Reports to: Program Manager Summary: The position is located in the Branch of Real Estate Services, Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate and works under the direct supervision of the Realty Manager. The employee is the lead leasing specialist with the branch. The incumbent of this realty position will ensure that leases, permits, (i.e. use permits, gravel permits, etc.), easements and/or right of ways as determined by the tribal realty manager has met the terms and conditions of the contract. Duties and Responsibilities: • Receives visitors and telephone calls to the office that pertains to leasing of the land. • Responsible for establishing and organizing the office lease files and /or any other files that relates to the work of the branch in leasing. Maintain files according to established internal guidelines, office policy and Privacy Act. Files new material and removes old materials and files the material in the appropriate location. • Performs job related duties in leasing, and duties as assigned by the supervisor, such as following a lease cycle and identifies lands available for lease from expiring leases or through review of idle land reports. Prepares the bid advertisement of agricultural tracts of land on those leases that have expired and those that will expire. • Must be able to read and write land descriptions and be familiar with fair market rental values according to land classes and land usage, and to type the necessary documents. • Gathers all the information from the lease file, such as rental reviews, bid sheet data, Natural Resources recommendation if any, legal description of the land and prepares the lease document for approval. Ensures that the lessee is in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Contract. • Be knowledgeable of the policies and procedures for home sites leases. • After the lease is approved by Chairman, sends completed lease to BIA for approval and recording. When the lease comes back from the BIA, posts the lease documents to the lessee’s card and posts leases to the allotment cards. • Receives and documents complaints on land management compliance issues. Sends complaints over to Natural Resources for follow up and they will evaluate the compliance issues and corrective actions. • Prepares statement of collection on each lease and mails to the respective operator of the land once a year. Takes appropriate corrective action in response to violations (cancellation, penalties, reclamation, etc.) Must know billing and collection procedures and have an accountability document in place for incoming lease payments. • On occasion receives and documents land management complaints and refers these complaints to the Natural Resources Office to do a land inspection and to evaluate the compliance issues and take corrective actions. KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED BY THE POSITION: • Must have research skills to search records to obtain information and gather data needed to resolve issues. • Understand policies and procedures relating to trust assets of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate. • Reads land maps of definite locations, plats, surveys and has a basic knowledge of land boundary descriptions. • Uses skills and knowledge of real estate services to track and document trespass and misuse of the land. Communicates and works with clients to assess their needs and is committed to providing quality services. • Stores, organizes and maintains multiple formats for storing data as to the land use, lessees, land descriptions and payment data. • The supervisor defines the objectives, priorities and deadlines of assignment, and provides assistance to the incumbent with situations that do not have clear precedent. The supervisor will provide guidance on unusual situations, resolving conflicting needs or handling uncooperative contacts. • The incumbent will handle any other duties as specified by supervisor. Realty 10/24/2014