Tribal Enrollment

Contact Information:

Enrollment Manager: Zelma Flute
Email Address:
Telephone: 605-698-3911 Ext. 204

Enrollment Clerk: Jennifer Adams (Temp)
Email Address:
Telephone: 605-698-3911 Ext. 205

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 509
Agency Village, SD 57262





The Enrollment Office is essential and invaluable to the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate. The enrolled member constitutes the Tribe and a tribal member has unique status with the Federal Government and its programs. A tribal member is used as a headcount for Federal and Gaming dollars appropriated for the Tribe, for educational, health, administrative and other programs. The tribal membership looks to its own government for a voice in expressing their needs. The Tribe offers protection, stability, benefits and a right to participate in what the Tribe offers for its membership.


The Enrollment Office maintains the records of the Enrolled Sisseton-Wahpeton members. Our main objective is to provide services to all the enrolled members to assist them in their documentation of their eligibility to receive services from various tribal and government programs. Enrollment applications are provided upon request, returned applications are processed for eligibility, further assistance is provided when needed to get other documentation from other tribes to insure that individual’s Indian blood is counted for a total degree of Indian blood.


Other services and assistance is provided through paternity, ICWA, social security cards, tribal identification cards, referring the individual for other resources, etc.


The Enrollment Office’s goal is to enhance our Progeny Plus Program and the ID Works. The Building Reports program has the capability to print out specific reports by name, birth date, enrollment number, age ranges, age, on-reservation, off-reservation, gender, districts, veteran’s preference; however, these reports will need to requested for in writing by the programs/organizations.


The social security numbers, addresses and other pertinent information is not given out due to the Privacy Act.

Our objective is to get further funding source for equipment and file cabinets needed as we are a growing tribe. The Enrollment Office keeps important documents (with seals) in the individual files as most of the tribal programs require copies of certain documents; hence, our enrollment records will not be all electronically kept files. The office will maintain the individual’s file with the documents submitted for enrollment.


The Enrollment Office has been assisting the Department of Interior’s Office of Special Trustee, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Chickasaw Nation Industries Probate workers, and the Probate Office, Sisseton Agency, with documents and certifications required to update their records. The education agencies – Indian Education Offices, JOM, Tribal Schools, Public Schools Higher Education Programs, & etc., Social Service agencies – for ICWA, Child Support, Custody, Child Protection, & etc., Tribal Programs, Indian Health, the seven districts, and various entities have been assisted upon request. These requests come nationwide from other tribal, state, and federal entities.