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Striving to provide decent, safe and sanitary housing for all our Tribal Members seeking to eradicate substandard housing, eliminate homelessness to increase affordable rental housing and home ownership opportunities through provision of supportive service and financial assistance programs.
The Sisseton Wahpeton Housing Authority was established in 1967 and to date has 487 low-income homes that are located within each of the seven districts, and 159 mutual self-help homes through out the reservation.
Due to the long existing shortage of housing, there are two separate low-income housing projects, which were funded by HUD/NAHASDA funds for these two projects. An 11 home project at the Lake Traverse area and another 24 home project at the Long Hollow area.

Contact Information:
Director – Eric Shepherd:



605 Lydia Goodsell Street, Sisseton SD 57262






Service List:
Maintenance Department:

605.698.3901 Ext. 35

Maintenance after hours number:
Supervisor – Kojack Heminger
Ext 38:


Maintenance Inspector – Mike Selvage Jr.

Ext. 33

Residential Restoration Department:
Field Supervisor RRP- Frank Barse:

605.698.7785 fbarse@venturecomm.net

RRP Field Supervisor:

Arlen Renville Sr.

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