The Mayuteca Intensive Day Treatment Program is a unique outpatient treatment for adults ages 18 and older with severe substance use disorders. This program offers many benefits of inpatient services but it is a non-residential environment. The Day Treatment serves as a partial Hospitalization Program and as such, is designed for individuals who without this program would likely require treatment in a long-term environment.


  • Individual counseling
  • Outpatient substance abuse treatment
  • After care
  • Group therapy
  • Family intervention services
  • Cultural practice-based services
  • ASAM criteria/Rule 25 assessments


Skyman Redday – Program Manager –

Dakotah Gonsoir – Lead Counselor –

Elizabeth DuMarce – Counselor –

Darlene “Jo” Roberts – Cultural Counselor –

Pejihota Lucero – Case Manager –

Robert Irizarry – Chemical Dependency Tech –

Phone: 605-698-8223