General Assistance Program

The Indian Environmental General Assistance Program (GAP) is an EPA funded grant. The objectives of the grant are to strengthen environmental capacity in the technical, legal, and administrative infrastructure on the Lake Traverse Reservation; environmental program oversight; building of new environmental programs; environmental code development; draft an Environmental Management Plan for the Lake Traverse Reservation; development of a comprehensive environmental outreach program; act on Tribal Council directives for unforeseen environmental problems; assist Tribe in establishment of a Tribal Historic Preservation office; and implement solid waste projects on the Lake Traverse Reservation.

Environmental Protection Advisory Committee (EPAC)

The Environmental Protection Program has an advisory committee which meets monthly.  The committee members are strong advocates, understanding the environmental issues and the importance of the program in relation to our sovereignty and jurisdiction.  The Environmental Protection Advisory Committee (EPAC) consists of a representative from each of the seven (7) districts as follows:

Big Coulee      –      Daneille DeCouteau

Long Hollow     –  Wambdi Cook

Lake Traverse   – Sylvanna Flute

Enemy Swim  –    Iver Cloud

Old Agency   –     Gladys Renville

Veblen   –               Ellie LaBelle

Buffalo Lake   –  Cynthia Starr