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The SWO-Construction Management Department has been authorized and delegated authority by the Tribal Council to act and serve as both General Contractor and Construction Contract Administrator (CCA) for tribally and federally funded construction projects. As such it has its own contracting regulations and procedures as required by the Sub-part J regulations of PL 93-638 Construction Contract provisions and comparable regulations as enforced by HUD, DOL, IHS, BIA, and USDA Rural Development. These Construction Management Department Contracting Procedures have been reviewed and certified by the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate’ s Certified Public Accounting Firm, and as such fulfill the requirement of having the capacity to administer federal funds for construction purposes. The following objectives expand upon the goal to provide greater opportunity in contracting and employment for qualified construction workers and companies owned by members of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate.
1. To prepare and implement construction contracting for tribally and federally funded construction projects on the Lake Traverse Reservation
2. To prepare scope of work, construction schedules, and construction budgets for tribally and federally funded construction projects on the Lake Traverse Reservation, and to utilize professional architectural/engineering and consulting firms to expedite such purposes in a professional manner consistent with industry standards in construction contract administration.
3. To provide contracting and subcontracting opportunities for tribal member owned construction companies for all construction projects on the Lake Traverse Reservation, except for those projects exempted by the Tribal Council, as required by the Tribe’s TERO law with regard to the pro-active granting of preference in contracting for TERO certified tribal member owned construction companies, as well as retaining qualified tribal members having skills and experience in construction.
4. To provide Construction Management and Construction Contract Administration (CCA) functions for all construction projects on the Lake Traverse Reservation, and to retain professional services from consulting and architectural/engineering firms to implement such projects including provision of contract awards from federal agencies, construction inspection, reporting, and fiscal accountability functions for all contracted construction projects.
5. To provide for Quality Assurance and Quality Control functions for all construction projects on the Lake Traverse Reservation, so as to assure timely and efficient completion of construction projects and products, consistent with the designs and specification of the Architect to Record for all such projects.
The SWO-Construction Management Department succeeded in procuring a significant volume of federal construction contracts, based on submitted construction proposals, which resulted in the successful award of construction contracts. These contracts enabled SWO-Construction Management to involve a significant number of TERO certified tribal member contractors and subcontractors as well as construction workers to obtain construction subcontracts and employment throughout the year, as generally the area and regional non-tribal member General Contractors do not retain them in a consistent manner, preferring to bring their own work crews from outside the reservation to work on construction projects on the Lake Traverse Reservation. In such scenarios, allocated construction dollars are paid to outside non-tribal member private sector construction companies, which leave the jurisdiction and fail to significantly employ or affect our local reservation economy in terms of tribal member paychecks or tribal member vendor payments.


Tribal Administration Building – Quadrant B, 12554 BIA HWY 711, Agency Village, SD 57262

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PO Box 509
Agency Village, SD 57262

Program Manager:

Toni Heminger (Acting) – Ext. 8230

Trans. Project Coordinator:

Cliff Eberhardt – Ext. 8355


8:00am – 4:30pm


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The following is a sample of beneficial results achieved:

1. IHS Early Site Development Project (ESDP): This project involved installation of utilities, water, and sewer lines for the new IHS Health Center site, wherein over nine Indian owned companies performed the scope of work, and were gainfully employed. This project is complete.
2. IHS Quarters Project: Construction plans are nearing completion, and use of Indian subcontractors and Indian workers was utilized for all phases of construction, resulting in the construction of housing fro IHS health services employees. This project is complete.
3. Tiospa Zina Tribal School Road: Indian subcontractors and workers were utilized nearly exclusively for this project. This project is complete.
4. IHS – Old Hospital Demolition Project: The Tribe contracted the demolition of the old hospital. This project is complete.
5. BIA – 700 South Road Surfacing Project: In September 2007, the Tribe submitted a PL 93-638 contract for the surfacing of the BIA 700 South Road (from the Pow-Wow road crossing south to the “hogs back” road) The BIA Great Plains Regional Office made an official grant award; the project started in September 2008 and was completed in early summer of 2009. This project is complete.
6. Barker Hill Housing Project: The construction of 32 rental units began in June 2009, with the construction of 21 units of Tax Credit funded housing units, and in October 2009, construction commenced with 11 untis of USDA-Rural Development units. This project is complete.
7. HUD-ICDBG Home Rehabilitation: This project provided for the renovation of 30 units of tribal member owned units, and was completed in the fall of 2009.
8. BIA Road Construction Projects: Road construction contracts were successfully negotiated and obtained which provide for the projected repaving of the Buffalo Lake, Enemy Swim, and Peever Flats roads, as well as road maintenance repairs for five other BIA roads and streets on the Lake Traverse Reservation. Work for these projects is scheduled for the spring of 2010.

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