Dakotah Language Institute

Dakotah Language Institute

Mission Statement and Summary

The SWO Dakotah Language Institute, has a
primary focus on preserving the Dakotah
Language as it is still spoken today. So that
our future generations will be able to speak
and learn the Dakotah Language.

In order to fund part of its operations,
SWODLI provides a printing service to the
various programs of the SWO, the Tribal
Schools, members of the public, to outside
tribes and organizations.

The SWODLI also serves as the Sisseton Wahpeton
Oyate Publishing, which is a registered publishing
company in order to publish books and assign them
ISBN number.

The SWODLI also offers educational
materials in Dakotah which include: Over 100
children’s books, CDs (spoken words and
music), DVDs (video recordings, simple
animations), computer applications, on-line
learning system BYKI, K-2 Curriculum, board
games, worksheets and puzzles, over 100
classroom motivational and informational
posters, an English to Dictionary and a
Children’s Picture Dictionary, flashcards, and
card games

Office Location: 45651 Willard LaFromboise St., Agency Village, SD 57262

Ricardo Bertsch – Program Manager
Phone: 605-698-2030
Email: RicardoB@swo-nsn.gov

Janet Brown – Office Manager
Phone: 605-698-2030
Email: JanetB@swo-nsn.gov

Amanda Quinn – Graphic Designer
Phone: 605-698-2030
Email: amandaquinn@swo-nsn.gov

Leslie “Hutch” Neconish – Graphic Designer II
Phone: 605-698-2030
Email: LNeconish@swo-nsn.gov

Kendra Hofland – Document/Recording Specialist
Phone: 605-698-2030
Email: kendrah@swo-nsn.gov

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