Law Enforcement


Mission Statement and Summary:

Our commitment is to provide safety and
leadership to the tribal member of the Lake
Traverse Reservation, ensuring that all people
feel safe and secure in their homes and
communities. This mission is founded on trust,
integrity, and pursuit of excellence. We resolve
to attract and retain employees dedicated to
providing quality, cost effective service.

We continue to strive for a reputation of
excellence. We maintain the highest standards of
professional ethics and personal integrity, while
respecting and upholding the traditions and
customs of the Oyate of the Lake Traverse
Reservation. We manage all of our resources including
people, equipment, and technology prudently
and effectively. Our communication is
direct, open, and respectful. We value our unity
and our difference, recognizing that there is
strength in both. Our commitment to a safe and
healthy workplace is shown and high morale, job
satisfaction, and continually enhanced

Emergency management works collaboratively to
provide emergency services to the communities
within the Lake Traverse Reservation as a result
from all acts of natural or human disasters.
Develop strategies for rescue efforts to prevent
the possibility of loss of life, minimize property
loss, and/or provide the basic living necessities
through a comprehensive plan of mitigation,
preparedness, response time and recovery.

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Law Enforcement

The Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate’s anonymous crime tip hotline is safe, secure and effective – but far too underutilized. We encourage the Oyate to jot this number down, 605-742-0088. We hope that those who have always wanted to do the right thing, but have not spoken up for fear of reprisal, will help the Tribal Police to obtain information on situations that are happening out on the Reservation. The Tribal Police Department needs information. They need help to reduce the crime rate in our community. If you won’t talk directly to the police, please tell us what you know by calling 605-742-0088 and leave your information on this hotline. It would be greatly appreciated. You are not right to remain silent. Fight crime 100% anonymously. For yourself. For your Oyate.

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