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The Mission of the Sisseton Wahpeton Law Enforcement is to serve and protect the Tribal members of the Lake Traverse Reservation, ensuring that all people feel safe and secure in their homes and communities. To defend the Tribal Constitution and the United States Constitution, by performing the Law Enforcement functions in a professional, ethical, and caring manner for all who reside on the Lake Traverse Reservation. This mission is founded on trust, integrity and the pursuit of excellence. We resolve to attract and retain employees dedicated to quality and cost effective service.
The Sisseton Wahpeton Police Department currently employs 14 officers 1 School Resource Officer 3 Transport/Detention Officers, 5 dispatchers, and 1 Law Enforcement Assistant and 2 Criminal Investigators.
The Police Department is under a 638 contract and is supported with Tribal Funds also. Currently there is not a jail, it was closed November 2016 by BIA. Until we get a new jail we house our inmates at the surrounding Agencies which include (Roberts County, Traverse County, Richland County, and the BIA Facilities for long term housing) The Police Department is in the planning stages of a new facility that will house adult and in the further future juvenile inmates.
The Law Enforcement officers patrol 81 square miles of BIA and Tribal roads, and an area of 1095 square miles which include seven counties that are located within the reservation boundaries. Investigate Tribal, state, and federal crimes that occur on the Lake Traverse Reservation, responding to citizen’s complaints 24/7/365 days a year.

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Law Enforcement

The Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate’s anonymous crime tip hotline is safe, secure and effective – but far too underutilized. We encourage the Oyate to jot this number down, 605-742-0088. We hope that those who have always wanted to do the right thing, but have not spoken up for fear of reprisal, will help the Tribal Police to obtain information on situations that are happening out on the Reservation. The Tribal Police Department needs information. They need help to reduce the crime rate in our community. If you won’t talk directly to the police, please tell us what you know by calling 605-742-0088 and leave your information on this hotline. It would be greatly appreciated. You are not right to remain silent. Fight crime 100% anonymously. For yourself. For your Oyate.

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