Tribal Realty


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To maintain a program of conservation by providing for the optimum usage of our Indian lands without determent or degrading said lands.


To provide to the Bureau and Tribe a program of conservation whereby management recommendations are made to obtain the highest and best use of reservations lands without jeopardizing or deteriorating the productivity of such lands.

Functions include: surveying boundaries disputes, home sites, right-of-ways, hay land and cropland usage, compliance work, weed spraying, and grazing plans, etc. The program also provides technical assistance to various entities and programs.




Jerry Eastman – Program Manager – 605-698-8419 –

Karen Joseph – Office Manager – 605-698-8220 –

Bruce DuMarce – Home Site Leasing – 605-698-8297 –

Gabrielle Tateyuskanskan – Legal Research Technician – 605-698-8229 –

Ariel Williams – Agricultural Leasing Specialist – 605-698-8343 –

Amy Trevino – Land Acquisition Specialist – 605-698-8410 –

Dustin Opsal – Land Acquisition Deeds Clerk – 605-698-2222 –

Fax: 605-698-7671