477 Employment Training Program/TANF

The Indian Employment, Training and Related Services Demonstrations Act of 1992, Public Law 102-477, was passed October 23, 1992. The purpose of this Act are to demonstrate how Indian tribal governments can integrate the employment, training and related services they provide in order to improve the effectiveness of those services, reduce joblessness in Indian communities and serve tribally-determined goals consistent with the policy of self-determination.
The Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, as authorized by the “Indian Employment, Training, and Related Services Demonstration Act of 1992, Public Law 102-477,” has consolidated the following programs:
1. Adult Vocational Training – Bureau of Indian Affairs
2. Direct Employment Assistance – Bureau of Indian Affairs
3. Tribal Work Experience(TWEP) – Bureau of Indian Affairs
4. Job Training Partnership Act Title IV -A – Department of Labor
5. Job Training Partnership Act Title II-B – Department of Labor
6. Child Care and Development Fund – DHHS
7. Native Employment Works Program (NEW) – DHHS
8. Temporary Assistance to Needy Families – DHHS

Goals: Through this consolidation of programs, the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate will:

1.Improve the effectiveness of employment, training, and related services through integration.
2.Reduce joblessness within the Lake Traverse Reservation.
3.Serve tribally determined socio-economic goals consistent with policy of self-determination.
4.Promote individual/family responsibility and self-sufficiency while preserving and strengthening the family structure.


Admin Building: Sapa Quadrant D, 605.698.4400

You can now download the ETDEMO Main Application here:

Main Application for ET DEMO 2016

Staff Directory

Program Manager:

Elias Mendoza – Ext. 8400 Administers the TANF program, Adult Work Experience, GED and Vocational Education, Classroom Training Program, Child Care program, and Employment Assistance program; plans and executes policies and procedures ensuring compliance with all federal and tribal regulations.

Intake Data Entry/477 Specialist/Summer Youth Coordinator:

Chris Heminger – Ext. 8324  Assists with administrative functions, data entry and 477 reports pertaining to federal reporting, weekly processing and printouts of program vouchers and billing, managing account codes and monthly state reporting, operates the Summer Youth Program to familiarize youth with the competitive work environments and to give the youth an opportunity to develop working skills.

TANF Eligibility Specialist/ Case Manager:

Amy Wright – Ext. 8329 Determines TANF eligibility for both Relative/Caretakers and Single parents, completes TANF intake process, maintains accurate records, coordinates cash assistance to needy clients who are enrolled members of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate with a dependent child to assist in meeting basic needs.  A needy family is defined as a single parent family whose income and resources are within the limits set by the State of South Dakota for basic needs. Provides case management to our TANF and GED clients, develops GED plans and work-site plans, and works with other program staff to coordinate services

Adult Ed. Coordinator:

Denise Kranhold – Ext. 8304 Works with participants in the Employment and Training Program in the development of education and training curriculum, providing assessments in the areas of: barrier identification to employment, ability / interest, academics, careers guidance and support, and making adequate referrals; coordinates with the GED Instructor with adult learners in various areas, provides Basic Computer Skills and Career Pillar courses; works closely with all program staff to ensure participants are placed in appropriate sites and working towards successful plan completion, and coordinates with various educational programs to identify the specific needs of each participant.

GED Instructor:

Bev Rosso – Ext. 8305 Assists students to achieve their educational goals through the G.E.D. program and high school component, provides tutoring services for GED and Adult Education students, provides students with the necessary tools encouraging support and personal growth for success, works closely with staff regarding the progress of students, and provides either individual or group assistance.

Child Care Coordinator:

Darrell Lee Quinn Jr. – Ext. 8328 Works closely with clients to determine eligibility for child care subsidies, processing child care certificates, work closely with providers to provide technical assistance and training, certify annually, and conducts site visits to ensure compliance with “Tribal Health Care Codes”.

Office Manager/Case Manager:

Besse Janisch – Ext. 8325 Provides case management to clients involved in Classroom Training, Adult Work Experience, and the Employment Assistance Program, monitors time and attendance for clients in college and respective job sites, locates compatible work sites for participants, reviews applications for Employment Assistance for completeness, and processes payments upon approval.