Tribal Court


The Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate court was created by the Oyate’s Constitution to resolve disputes involving Tribal members and non-members and to provide a forum for the prosecution of those persons who commit crimes on the Lake Traverse Indian reservation. Maintaining our civil jurisdiction, we are recognized by the State and Federal Government. Jury trials, juvenile court, child support, custody, and all other legal matters are adjudicated. The goal of the Court is to provide due process to all persons that come before it and to resolve disputes as efficiently as possible using Tribal laws, customs and traditions.

Contact Information:





PO Box 568, Agency Village, SD 57262

Ruth H. Burns, Chief Judge
Tucker Volesky, Associate Judge
Michael Swallow, Associate Judge
Eligibility Requirements:

Any person may utilize the Tribal Court.

Program Events:

Staff meetings every Wednesday at noon.

SWO Law & Order Codes 2019

Chapter 34C_ChildSupportAct_Amended 12-2017
Chapter 34A_UniformParentageAct_Amended 12-2017

For your convenience, below are the forms that can be downloaded:

Court of Appeals Form
SWO Tribal Court Temporary Restraining Order
Criminal Complaint Form
Divorce Complaint
Fee Waiver
Information for Alcohol Commitment
Information for Mental Health Commitment
Information for Petition for Adoption
Information for petition for Guardianship
Information for Termination of Parental Rights
Motion for Review Hearing
Motion for Show Cause Hearing
Motion for Temp Relief During Pendency of Action for Divorce
Petition for Change of Name
Petition for Ex Parte and Permanent Protection Order
Petition for Guardianship
Petition for Personal Representative
Petition for Temporary/Permanent Custody
Statement of Claim
Petition for Involuntary Treatment

Rules of Appellate Procedure:

Rules Of Appellate Procedure

Appellate Court Opinions:

Anderson, Thomas vs. SWO001
Birney Tyler vs SWO001
SWO VS. Vernon Cloud2005
Renville Rick (Delano Jr)001
SWO Vs. Burns, Bjorn
SWO vs. Thompson Loren001
Williams, Natalie001
White, Jacky vs. REB001
White Donovan vs. SWO Council & Chairman001
Richotte vs. Cloud-Appeals Decision001
Marshall, Rosebud vs. Norbert D. Jones2000
Finley, Korey vs. Lopez, Olivia001
Chanku Angelita-Opinion001
Casiano, Michelle vs. Kyle LaFromboise
Block, Dawn Vs. White, Danny002
Appeal-Cloud, Justin001
Wolf Saffire Appeal Order001
SWOCSE Vs. Kampeska Gabriel001
SWO VS. Geralyn Crawford
Labatte Orville estate001
Krpan vs. Heipa001
Finley vs. Lopez001
Eagle Vs. White-1st Appeal001
Deutsch v.TZTS001
Evangeline Brant Estate
Renville, Amanda vs. Adams, Jonathan
Watts vs. German

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