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The Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Legal Department (“Legal Department”) is dedicated to providing quality central government legal services with integrity, professionalism, ethical responsibility and respect for the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation, a sovereign and federally recognized treaty tribe (“Tribe”). Our advocacy is predicated on the notion that what we do in the present is to preserve and enhance for the next several generations. Our service is accomplished through an understanding of the legal aspects of the Tribe and its unique government-to-government relationship to other sovereigns, as well as serving in our capacity with respect and understanding of the history and culture of the Tribe for which we represent.

Our Dedicated Staff:

Megan A. LaFromboise – In-House Attorney
Anthony Maestas – In-House Attorney
Shaun Eastman – In-House Attorney
Brandy DeCoteau-Heminger – In-House Attorney
Dawn Eagle – Legal Analyst


Contact Information:
Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Legal Department


PO BOX 509, Agency Village, SD 57262
605.698.3911 Ext. 8300
605.698.7844 fax

SWO Law & Order Codes

2019 Code Update
A – Codes of Law Table of Contents
Chapter 01 Tribal Police Force
Chapter 01-A Tribal Police Canine Code
Chapter 02 Enrollment Code TC 11-30-16
Chapter 03 Election Code
Chapter 04 Public Health Law
Chapter 04-A Tribal Contraceptives Code
Chapter 05 Housing Code
Chapter 07 Landlord Tenant Law – 2014
Chapter 08 SWST Business Corporation Ord
Chapter 09 Nonprofit Corporation Ord
Chapter 10 Repealed by SWST-95-162 on 10-05-95
Chapter 11 Real Property
Chapter 12 Amended w-Chapter 67 – SWST-95-162 on 10-05-95
Chapter 13 Open Cut Land Reclamation
Chapter 14 Individual Sewage Disposal Systems Ordinance
Chapter 15 Non-Public Ground Water Supply Systems Ord
Chapter 16 Fish & Wildlife Code – Final Revised code 8 22 11
Chapter 17 Tribal Vehicle Codes
Chapter 18 Zoning Ordinance TC approv 7-26-16
Chapter 19 Uniform Code-Intertribal Court of Appeals-SD
Chapter 20 Jurisdiction Civil and Criminal final amended
Chapter 21 – Judicial Code – Approved via SWO-24-008-A on 4.10.24
Chapter 22 Proceedings Before Trial (see Ch. 23)
Chapter 23 Amended Criminal Procedure Code final
Chapter 24 Penal Code – 2022
Chapter 24A Controlled Substances Act – TC approv 7-3-18, Mot# 72, SWO-18-073
Chapter 25- Code of Tribal Offenses-Repealed 10-05
Chapter 26 Penal Code-Repealed 10-05
Chapter 27 Traffic CodeChapter 27-B Infant-Child Passenger Restraint Code
Chapter 27-C Use of Safety Seat Belt System in Passenger Vehicles
Chapter 28 Housing Court Act
Chapter 29 Restraining Order Procedures Act
Chapter 30 Joint Exercise of Powers Agrmt-Reciprocal Extradition Ord – Agrmt on 11-9-84
Chapter 31 Treatment of Prisoners
Chapter 32 Attorneys & SWO-98-074 Tribal Court Fee Schedule
Chapter 33 Civil Matters & Tribal Court Fee Schedule SWST-98-074
Chapter 34 Domestic Relations
Chapter 34A Uniform Parentage Act
Chapter 34C Child Support Act
Chapter 35 AMEMDED Liquor Control Law-Part 1 Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 36 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Act
Chapter 36A Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment Act-First Responder & Good Samaritan Immunity Code
Chapter 37 Involuntary Treatment of Mentally Ill Persons
Chapter 38 Juvenile Code final
Chapter 39 Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship
Chapter 40 Foster Home
Chapter 41 Temporary Placement
Chapter 42 Guardianship
Chapter 43 Adoption
Chapter 44 Heirship and Probate
Chapter 45 Act of Non-Domiciliaries
Chapter 46 Fireworks Ordinance
Chapter 47 Condemnation of Trust or Restricted Land Under Power of Eminent Domain
Chapter 48 Adult Protection Code
Chapter 49 Food Service Sanitation Code
Chapter 50 Retail Food Store Sanitation Code
Chapter 51 Repealed by Resolution No. SWST-95-162 on 10-05-95
Chapter 52 Domestic Violence Ordinance
Chapter 53 Business License Ordinance
Chapter 54 Control of Dogs
Chapter 55 Code of Conduct
Chapter 55A Debts Owed to the SWO
Chapter 56 Provisions for Elders
Chapter 57 Domestic Abuse-Mandatory Arrest Ordinance – 2014
Chapter 58 Gaming Ord – Resol -04-081
Chapter 59 Tribal Employment Rights Office – Adopted 7-2-03 & Amend 10-7-09
Chapter 59 Tribal Employment Rights Office – Jud&Coun Adopted 7-2-03 & Amend10-7-09
Chapter 60 Child Care Ordinance
Chapter 61 Environmental Code
Chapter 61B Sanitary Sewer Systems
Chapter 61C User Charge Ordinance
Chapter 62 Forcible Entry & Unlawful Detainer Code
Chapter 63 Reserved
Chapter 64 Tribal Coroner
Chapter 65 Harassment and Stalking Code
Chapter 66 Education Code
Chapter 67 Tax Code 2019
Chapter 68 Capital Improvements Authority Code & SWST-97-071
Chapter 69 Commercial Code & SWST-96-078
Chapter 70 2017 Special Financing Secured Transactions Code
Chapter 71 1998 Special Financing Ord & SWST-98-093
Chapter 72 Special Interpretive Ord.on the Auth.of the SWST to Issue Bonds – SWST-98-160
Chapter 73 Cultural Resource Protection Act & SWO-05-095
Chapter 74 District Audit Ordinance – Repealed on 10-6-09 Motion #8
Chapter 74 SWO-09-130 Repeal SWO Ch 74 – District Audit Ord
Chapter 75 SWO Sex Offender Notification and Registration Code – 2014
Chapter 76 Tort Claims Ordinance
Chapter 77 Research Code
Chapter 77 Transportation Code
Chapter 80 Economic Development Authority Code
Chapter 80 A Business Corp Ordinance
Chapter 80 B Limited Liability Company Ordinance
Chapter 80 C Non-Profit Corp Ordinance

Chapter 81 Medical Cannabis Code & Medical Cannabis Regulations

Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Judicial Codes

Amended Codes:

CHAPTER 7 Landlord Tenant Law Final Passed
Ch 36 Alcohol and Drug Treatment Act Final Amended
Ch 38 Juvenile Code final
Ch 60 Child Care Ordinance final
Ch 66 Education Code Final Amended
SWO-14-112 Amendment SWO Codes re meth prevention

Chapter 20 Jurisdiction Civil and Criminal
Chapter 21 Judicial Code
Ch 23 Amended Criminal Procedure Code final
Ch. 24A – Controlled Substances Act – 7.3.18
Ch 52 Domestic Violence Ordinance final
SWO-15-018 Implementation of the VAWA and Code Changes to Ch 20, 23 and 52

Chapter 24 Penal Codes
Chapter 75 Sex Offender Notification and Registration Code

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