Heipa/Veblen District


Heipa District Officers request that the membership refrain from calling their place of employment during work hours. The District Coordinator is available to address your concerns or assistance at the District Center Monday – Friday 9AM-5:00PM.

Heipa/Veblen District Executives:
District Chairperson

Jay Renville – 605-467.3066

District Vice-Chair

Karen White – 605-268-0661

District Treasurer


District Secretary

Gypsy Wanna -605-

Tribal Council Representative

Brandon Wanna 605.419.1085

District Center hours are 8AM to 4PM Monday through Friday.

If you have any questions concerning you or the District you may contact Nadine Labelle, is the District Coordinator at (605) 738-2324. Fax Number at (605) 738-2379 or by email heipa.district@outlook.com.

You can obtain your Tribal I.D. card from the Tribal Enrollment Office by contacting Zelma Flute at (605) 698-3911 Ext. 204.
If you have married or changed your name and if you know of any District Member that is deceased (Please provide a Death Certificate to: SWO Enrollment Office, ATTN: Zelma Flute, P.O. Box 509, Agency Village SD 57262). Please contact Zelma Flute so she can change your name or take your name off the Heipa District roster.

Heipa District covid relief funds

Heipa District Request Form
Adult Enrollment Application 2017
Youth Enrollment Application 2017
2019 School Clothes Application