Project Indigenous LAUNCH (Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children’s Health)


This project aims to promote the well-being of children prenatal through age eight and their families through workforce development; strengthened partnerships; and preventative, collaborative, culturally-informed, and evidence-based practices.

Outcome Goals:

  • Systems Level Collaboration: Strengthen collaboration across tribal, state and federal programs in the early childhood system of care on the Lake Traverse Reservation.
  • Workforce Development: Offer professional development training for child and family-serving programs to help staff learn family engagement practices and strategies to support social-emotional wellness.
  • Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation in Early Care and Education Settings: Implement IECMHC in a variety of service delivery systems, in order to increase the capacity of providers to support the social emotional development of infants and young children and provide safe and nurturing environments.
  • Family Strengthening and Parenting Supports: Support parents and caregivers through cultural, social, emotional, and educational activities that engage parents/caregivers and help them develop meaningful, positive and healthy relationships.
  • Enhanced Home Visiting through Increased Focus on Social and Emotional Wellbeing: Implement high quality, home visiting services that are evidence-based and culturally informed.
  • Screening and Assessments in a Range of Child-Serving Settings: Build provider skills in selecting, administering, and interpreting, screening & assessment tools to improve child & family outcomes.
  • Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care: Enhance primary care providers’ understanding of behavioral health as it relates to child development and provide resources and supports around parent-child relationships and social-emotional wellness.


April Eastman – Project Director – 605-698-4520 –

Willow Eastman – Community Coordinator – 605-698-4522 –